Efficient Power Allocation in E-MBMS Enabled 4G Networks

TitleEfficient Power Allocation in E-MBMS Enabled 4G Networks
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsBouras, C, Alexiou, A, Kokkinos, V
Book TitleWireless Network Traffic and Quality of Service Support: Trends and Standards
Pagination 458 - 488
PublisherIGI Global
KeywordsLTE, MBMS, Power Control

The plethora of mobile multimedia services that are expected to face high penetration, poses the need for the deployment of a resource economic scheme in Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks. To this direction, the Evolved - Multimedia Broadcast / Multicast Service (E- MBMS) is envisaged to play an instrumental role for LTE proliferation and set the basis for a successful 4th Generation (4G) standardization process. One of the most critical aspects of E- MBMS performance is the selection of the most efficient radio bearer, in terms of power consumption. This chapter presents the prevailing radio bearer selection mechanisms and examines their performance in terms of power consumption. Furthermore, it discusses problems regarding the high power requirements for the realization of E-MBMS and evaluates the proposed techniques/solutions. Finally, this chapter presents a novel mechanism for efficient power control during E-MBMS transmissions that conforms to LTE requirements for simultaneous provision of multiple multimedia sessions.