Efficient Materialization of Dynamic Web Data to Improve Web Performance

TitleEfficient Materialization of Dynamic Web Data to Improve Web Performance
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2002
AuthorsBouras, C, Konidaris, A
Conference Name15th International Conference on Computer Communication, Mumbai, India
Date Published11 - 14 August

The issues of performance, response efficiency and data consistency
are among the most important ones for data intensive Web sites on the Internet
today. In order to deal with these issues we analyze and evaluate a
materialization policy that may be applied to data intensive Web sites. Our
research relies on the performance evaluation of experimental client/server
configurations. We propose a materialization policy that applies to different
Web site request patterns and data update frequencies. The issue of Web and
database data consistency is the driving force behind our approach. In some
cases though, we prove that certain compromises to consistency can be
beneficial to Web server performance and at the same time be unnoticeable to
users. We evaluate the performance of our approach and compare it with other
popular materialization approaches. The results of our evaluation show that the
concept of “acceptable inconsistencies” between Web and Database data may
be beneficial to Web servers in terms of performance.