e-DEDALUS: A dynamic tool for data publishing on the web

Titlee-DEDALUS: A dynamic tool for data publishing on the web
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsBouras, C, Konidaris, A, Sintoris, C, Apostolopoulos, A, Khan, V
Conference Name2000 International Conference on Information Society in the 21st Century-Emerging Technologies and new Challenges(IS 2000), Aizu-Wakamatsu City, Fukushima, Japan
Date Published5 - 8 November

TheWorld WideWeb (WWW) provides a great
opportunity for companies and individuals to publish their
ideas, products and everything they would like other peo-
ple to view. Since the Internet community and the Web
are expanding every day, the demand for user friendly Web
publishing applications is rising. The procedures that could
be followed by Internet users in order to publish content on
the web till now, were to either buy and read some books
on HTML and have some basic knowledge on Web Servers,
or pay an ISP a quite substantial amount of money to do
it for them. In this paper we rst justify the necessity of
the existence of an alternative method for online web pub-
lishing. We then describe the method and a tool, called
e-DEDALUS, which can be used by many diverse Internet
user groups. An Internet user that has no previous expe-
rience in programming, or desktop design, will be able to
create his/her own Web site, online. The e-DEDALUS tool
that will be described in this paper aims at oering simplic-
ity, customisability and multilingual support to a substantial
number of WWW users.