Design Aspects of Open Municipal Broadband Networks

TitleDesign Aspects of Open Municipal Broadband Networks
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsBouras, C, Primpas, D, Alexiou, A
Conference NameFirst International Conference on Access Networks, Athens, Greece
Date Published4 - 6 September

This paper presents the design principles that cover
the implementation of broadband infrastructure in the
region of Western Greece, by examining all the
necessary parameters that arise while implementing
such a critical developmental project. Furthermore, we
present as a case study, all issues of the designing of
the Metropolitan Area Network of Patras, the third
biggest city of Greece. The major target of the MAN of
Patras is to interconnect the buildings of the public
sector in the city and also deploy fibers that will create
conditions of competition in providing both access and
content services in advantage of the end consumer.
The usage of the broadband infrastructure by service
providers will be based on the open availability of the
fiber optics infrastructure in a cost effective way.
Finally, we present the main characteristics of a
proposed business plan that ensures financial viability
of the broadband infrastructure and guarantees the
administration, growth, and exploitation of