Citizen information services using Internet technologies

TitleCitizen information services using Internet technologies
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsBouras, C, Triantafillou, V, Kastaniotis, S
Conference Name8th European Conference on Information Systems-ECIS 2000, Vienna, Austria, Vol. 1
Date Published3 - 5 July

This paper presents a Web-based, database-oriented
set of applications, namely “Public Information” and “Electronic
Voting”, to support information services (exchange and
sharing) between Local Government authorities (Region, Prefecture
and Municipalities) and the citizens. The whole set of
services developed exploits Internet and Extranet technologies
enabling asynchronous cooperation, manipulation of information
from heterogeneous sources, security and easy administration,
providing in parallel advanced telecommunication facilities.
We propose an innovating approach for submitting questions,
remarks and comments from citizen to Local authorities
(prefecture) and receiving response/correspondence in a reasonable
period of time (Public Information) and, on the other hand,
a smart way to support voting on common subjects in which all
local community is interested in. The system included applications
and services were planned and implemented to be easily
expandable to any organizational chart of any Local Administration.
Both applications are based on state-of-the-art software
platforms, integrating WWW and database. The system
aims to become a pilot in future efforts relative with distribution
and management information between and within different
types of local authorities.