ICT-VN project Coordination meeting in Ljubljana (Slovenia)

In April 18th the Coordination Committee meeting groups in Ljubljana representative from the 10 partners of the project to monitor it and to plan the final steps of the project, hosted by the Regional Development Agency of Northern Primorska L.t.d., Nova Gorica (Slovenia). ICT Value Networksis an INTERREG 4C project, leaded by Fundacion Dedalo, with a total of 10 partners representing 8 European Regions, which will finish in December 31st first year.

The key task in the meeting was to discuss and approve the methodology for the transfer plans. The challenge of ICT-VN is to identify in each Region a good practice to be transferred to another participating Region. This selection was done, and study visits to analyse in depth the practices was developed in the previous period. Now, the main remaining task is to prepare the plans to adapt these good practices to the Regions that will receive it.

CTI, inform the consortium for the selected good practice that accepted by the Partner "West Transdanubian RDA", having as acronym the "PROF ELP" and title: "Professional ELP to improve EU workers employability by the improvement of their professional foreign language skills”

The Professional European Language Portfolio (Prof-ELP) is an e-tool implementing the European Language Portfolio which has been specially developed for adults at work or preparing for work. The Prof-ELP aims to respond to the needs of employees or future employees who wish to improve their competence in languages other than their first/native language, and hence increase their employability or enhance their professional profile. The European Language portfolio is one of the tools proposed by the Council of Europe to promote foreign language learning. Prof-ELP seeks a new way to offer usage opportunities (through the use of an e-environment) that were traditionally not considered in the design of ELPs in other areas. One of them is the possibility of working with a useful instrument not only for the employees but also for other stakeholders. Prof-ELP is an online application therefore the most critical point for its success is to be fully operational and accessible to the potential users.

The meeting has approved the guidelines to set-up the Final Conference of the project, which will take place in Brussels, in mid November. The conference will group policy and decision makers, key stakeholders, European networks and media at regional and European level.

A next Interchange Seminar, grouping partners, policy makers and stakeholders from the Regions will take place in September 2012, in Ireland.

More information in www.ict-vn.eu