CNG Proposal Rewarded

The proposal CNG that was submitted under the activity 'ICT-4-1.5 - Networked Media and 3D Internet' was evaluated as one of the best proposals of the current call and was 3rd in the total ranking, out of 95 submissions, scoring 13 out of 15.

The CNG project intends to enhance the activities between the online gamers and develop the tools for generation, distribution and insertion of User Generated Content (UGC) into existing MMOGs. The CNG project intends to research and develop (1) in-game community activities using in-game graphical insertion technology and (2) a P2P architecture for the distribution of UGC.

The New Community Project proposes to integrate a P2P overlay into an existing MMOG architecture to stream user-generated content (3D animated objects, video) from one user to other user or from one user to many users. This traffic represents a real challenge to the network being already occupied by the MMOG client server data. The project intends to research and develop new techniques for P2P 3D/Video streaming that are “friendly” to the MMOG client server communication.

Negotiations with the EU on the proposal will start shortly.